TESTIMONIAL, January 2020

Prior to writing this I had to receive permission from my Police Chief due to our departments Social Media Policy. When I told them that I wanted to write a Thank You letter to Community Change Tennessee or helping me with my last treatment his response was “Yes you absolutely can do it.” The reason he said yes is because he knows how much they helped me.

I have served a local police force in East Tennessee for over 25 years. I have been a dedicated employee to my city, county, and all of the local citizens over these years. I have seen a lot serving in this role, and wish to continue to do so. The treatment I have received from Revitalist over the last year has allowed me to continue to serve in this active role.

Unfortunately at this time the treatments that I receive aren’t covered by my Health Insurance.

In order to pay for these treatments I have taken on extra security jobs working 50-60 hours in a week when I feel a treatment is necessary. While I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work extra it also creates extra stress and decreases time with my family which is not something that is easily sacrificed.

I have had several conversations with Katie Walker at Revitalist about this and she informed me about Community Change Tennessee. Katie suggested I fill out a Community Change Service Application to help assist with paying for my treatment. I filled out the application and was approved and my next treatment was paid for by Community Change Tennessee.

I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me, not having to stress over how I was going to find the time to work extra took so much pressure off me and allowed me to go into the treatment with a clear mind.

Community Change Tennessee is a Nonprofit Organization that is helping people people that need help and I encourage everyone who reads this to take the time and visit their website and help support their cause.

Thank you, DS

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