Get to Know Our Board Members 

Consultant - Terri Knapp

Terri comes to us with an excellent reputation for serving the public through other non-profits including Girls Inc. (Washington County) and the Children's Advocacy Center (First Judicial District- Johnson City, TN.  Terri served as the Executive Director of these non-profit organizations for over 19 years. 

While Terri's professional resume includes non-profit experience, Terri also has a personal connection to helping our military personnel.  After a short period of sickness, Terri lost her husband, Lieutenant Commander Robert Knapp. Mr. Knapp passed away in 2012 due to adverse effects of exposure to Agent Orange when he proudly served our Navy as a fighter pilot in the Vietnam War.

Terri is acting as an active consultant with Community Change with a desire and intent to help those that may not be able to help themselves by sharing her skills and expertise with the board members of Community Change.

President - Tammy Lakins

Tammy comes to us with a heart and passion for others suffering from conditions that are difficult to treat. Tammy has worked with the local Knoxville medical community for many years, and has witnessed the negative impact treatment resistant conditions have on several areas of our community.


By participating with this organization, Ms. Lakins hopes to help provide access for care to many individuals that may be overlooked due to their profession including teachers, police officers, lawyers, physicians, veterinarians, and many other specialties. 

Vice President - Ralph Cabage

Community Change is excited to announce the Vice President of our organization, Mr. Ralph Cabage.  Ralph is a local business owner that values investment in the local community.

Ralph comes to Community Change with insight and expertise that will allow diversity with the other professionals sitting on the board giving holistic strength to Community Change as a whole. 

Jenny Jones - Treasurer

Community Change is excited to present Mrs. Jenny Jones as the Secretary and Treasurer of Community Change. Jenny comes to Community Change as a successful business owner in the local Knoxville community for several years. 


While running her female-owned marketing group, Southern Solutions, Jenny actively participated as a foster parent for several years in the local community and understands the impact trauma has on our children and adults as a whole. 


Jenny hopes that Community Change will evolve to be a leading organization for those suffering from difficult to treat conditions and in return will allow individuals to live a joyful existence, positively contributing to their community by maintaining a successful work and family career. 

Jeff Cockerham - Board Member

Community Change is excited to have Jeff Cockerham as an actively attending board member. Jeff comes to Community Change holding several degrees that focus on various aspects of care with direct impact on the way we live our lives.


Jeff is excited to be participating on such a cutting edge non-profit board that he feels will have a positive impact on community. On a weekly basis, Jeff sees the financial impact individuals face when trying to address areas of concern in order to improve their quality of life. Overtime, many individuals are unable to continue to receive help due to the cost and non-coverage from insurance companies.


Jeff hopes to help contribute to Community Change with his time and efforts in order to help individuals that struggle daily to continue living. He has personally witnessed clients turn their lives around, and is excited to see this opportunity become available to others. 

Katie Walker - Board Member

Community Change is excited to welcome Katie Walker as an active board member. Katie comes to Community Change with a passion and desire to help those that feel they may not be able to help themselves.


Through education and training, Katie feels that individuals can become empowered in their situation and be a leading advocate for others that may be experiencing similar conditions.  Katie is excited as she continues to witness the evolvement of evidenced based medicine with a special emphasis on mental health being more of a neurologic condition that can be effectively addressed. 

Amy Dyer - Board Member

Amy Dyer comes to Community Change filled with excitement knowing she is serving on a board that helps her local community. Amy brings her skills, empathy, and experience to the board of Community Change. 

Amy is an activist in helping others and continues to volunteer her time serving on non-profit boards bringing benefit to others that may be in a disadvantaged situation.

Community Change is grateful to have such an influential person such as, Amy, serving on the board!

Michael Alm - Board Member

Community Change is excited to welcome, Michael Alm! Michael comes to Community Change with a heart and desire to help others. Michael has worked several years in the medical community and has seen the disparities that exist when resources aren't available.

Michael is looking forward to the many ways Community Change will help the local community evolve as resources evolve helping cause a great impact on all individuals living in the East Tennessee region. 

Community Change is grateful to have such a wonderful person on board!

Robert "Bob" Dziewulski- Legal Counsel

Bob offers legal guidance to Community Change.  He is a partner at Clinch River Law in Clinton, TN.  In both his role as an attorney for medical providers along with his role as a volunteer working with reentry nonprofits and Legal Aid of East TN, he gained an understanding of the relationship between trauma, drug abuse, and mental health issues. 


Bob is excited to work with Community Change because he sees how Community Change positively effects individuals facing these common issues.  Bob comes from a background in starting and growing companies as a founder, consultant, and investor.  He focused his studies on the impacts of non-profit organizations on local communities when obtaining his Master’s Degree in Public Administration.   



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